Taiwan produced $67 bln of computer hardware in 2004, has 72.4% laptop market share

Taiwanese firms produced $67 bln worth of computer hardware in 2004, a 23% increase over 2003 and tops in the world. Taiwanese companies, which have invested more than $100 bln in China, are continuing to shift production to the mainland to capitalize on cheap labor and production costs. About 73% of the total value of the output by Taiwanese computer makers in 2004 came from their factories in China, according to Institute for Information Industry. In 2004, Taiwanese companies produced $21.8 bln worth of laptops, or 72.4% of the world total. Output of LCD monitors totaled $14.4 bln, for a global share of 68%. Taiwanese firms produced 78% of the computer motherboards used in the world, and 54% of the CRT monitors.