Tablet PCs to generate $5.4 bln by 2009

The Tablet PC market is nearing its three-year anniversary with increased shipments, but mixed success overall, reports In-Stat. The next few years will show some significant growth, however, with the worldwide market rising from $1.2 bln in 2004 to $5.4 bln in 2009. Average selling price fall well below $2,000. Vertical markets, such as healthcare, real estate, insurance, and sales force automation, continued to be a driving factor in 2004 Tablet PC shipments. Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Motion Computing and Toshiba were among the leaders in 2004 Tablet PC shipments. Availability of an integrated next-generation Tablet PC operating system in Microsoft’s Longhorn operating system would have a significant impact on Tablet PC sales. Microsoft’s recently announced Ultra Mobile 2007 portable PC form factor could have a significant impact of future Tablet PC shipments.