Symbian phone shipments up 191% in the first half of 2005

Q2 2005 shipments of Symbian OS phones tripled YTY to reach 7.8 mln (in Q2 2004 only 2.6 mln). Total shipments of Symbian OS phones for the first half of the 2005 totalled 14.5 mln (in H1 2004 only 5.0 mln units), YTY increase of 191%. More Symbian OS phones shipped in H1 2005 than in the whole of 2004. Symbian OS worldwide installed base reaches more than 39 million phones. 54 separate Symbian OS phone models were shipped worldwide from seven licensees (H1 2004 – 23 phone models, 6 licensees). 18 new Symbian OS phone models commenced shipping in first half from Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia and Panasonic. 16 phones of the 54 Symbian OS phones shipping are designed for 3G W-CDMA networks deployed in Europe and in Japan.