Supercomputer sales up 18% in Q3 2007

High performance computing (HPC) systems have become far more pervasive in government, industry, and academia. According to IDC, factory revenue for the HPC market grew 8.8% QTQ and a full 18% compared to Q3 2006, to reach $3.0 bln in Q3 2007. The worldwide server market, of which HPC servers are a part, grew 0.5% to reach $13.1 bln in Q3 2007. Q3 2007 shipments of processor packages in the HPC market totaled 1.3 mln, up 26% from Q2 2007. In 2006, HPC systems accounted for 26% of all processors sold in the server market, more than doubling the 2003 HPC share of about 12%.