Sporting goods is a $256 bln industry

For 2006, world consumption of sporting goods totaled $256 bln. That is a 4% increase over 2005. Apparel accounts for 44% (or $113 bln) of the global sports market. Apparel sales rose 6% in 2007. Fueled by the growing trend of activewear as fashion, the US sports market led the way posting an 8% growth. Sales of sports apparel rose 5% in Asia and 3% in Europe. Global athletic footwear sales increased 3%. The most important markets, US (up 3%) and Europe (up 1%) were the primary contributors to that growth. Overall retail sales of equipment rose by 4%, and bicycles were stable with a 1% growth rate.

NPD reports the top nine countries for sporting goods sales account for only 32% of the global population but 75% of global sports market sales. While China has posted impressive growth with a 13% increase in sports sales in 2006, the market is still undeveloped. China accounts for $6.7 bln dollars and has a population of 1.3 bln people. That is an average of $5.00 spent per capita, per year. In the US that same figure is $338.00 per person. China was still a smaller market than Spain in 2006.