Sony PSP searches up 119% in the second half of March 2005

The share of US searches on the term “psp” increased by 367% when comparing the week ending 4/2/05 to week ending 3/19/05, and the share of Internet searches for “sony psp” increased by 119% in the same period, HitWise says. In March 2005, the term “psp” was the 2nd most popular term driving traffic to and the 5th most popular term that drove traffic to both and “psp” was also the 6th most popular term driving visits to and the 53rd most performed search on Google during that time period.

Sites benefiting from Sony
PlayStation Portable searches
Site Share of traffic 25.27% 8.44% 5.60% 4.22% 3.72% 2.51% 2.38% 1.84% 1.81% 1.81%
Source: HitWise