Small/medium displays prices to $30 in the Q4 2007

The global Average Selling Price (ASP) of small/medium displays used for digital photo frames rose to $30 in the Q4 2007, up 20% from $25 in Q3 2007, according to iSuppli. The ASP for small/medium displays for tiny LCD televisions rose to $8.40 in Q4 2007, up 2.4% from $8.20 in Q3 2007. Although prices for digital photo frame displays will decline by 3.3% in Q1 2008, prices will increase slightly in other areas, including Portable Media Players (PMPs), mobile handsets, automotive applications, camcorders, cameras and industrial/financial applications, according to iSuppli. This will cause the overall ASP of small/medium displays to rise to $6.80 in Q1 2008, up 22% from $5.60 in Q4 2007