Semiconductor packaging materials to generate $15.5 bln in 2007

The market for semiconductor packaging materials, including thermal interface materials, is expected to reach $15.5 bln in 2007 and grow to $20.2 bln by 2011, according to a new study by SEMI and TechSearch International. Laminate substrates remain the largest segment of the market, worth an estimated $6.2 bln globally in 2007, and on a unit basis are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 12% over the next five years.

Semiconductors packaging market estimated revenues in 2007
Segment Revenues, mln.
Laminate Substrates $6,196.0
Flex Circuit/Tape Substrates $262.5
Leadframes $3,118.0
Bonding Wire $3,178.3
Mold Compounds $1,371.0
Underfill Materials $138.0
Liquid Encapsulants $117.0
Die Attach Materials $562.2
Solder Balls $265.0
Wafer Level Package Dielectrics $9.8
Thermal Interface Materials $303.0
Source: TechSearch International