Russian small and medium businesses to spend $5.4 bln on IT in 2007

Small and medium businesses in Russia are set to spend $5.4 bln in 2007 to strengthen their IT infrastructure, up some 36% over 2006, with the bulk of the SMBs citing data security as their topmost concern, according to Access Markets International Partners. 23% of SBs and 18% of MBs saw revenue increases in 2006, and 41% of SMBs said they saw an overall increase of over 17% in annual revenues. The proliferation of computing products such as PCs and printers still accounts for the majority share of SMB IT investments. About 35% of SBs in Russia use PCs, mostly desktops. PCs and PDAs accounted for 75% of the 2006 total computing hardware spending which was about $1.6 bln. Imaging, printing and peripherals made up 19% of the spending.