Russian plasma TV sales grew 93% in 2003, will grow 78% in 2004

The Russian plasma display market is in the initial stages of growth. In 2003, shipment volume soared by almost 93% and is expected to jump by another 78% in 2004. According to IDC, a dramatic decline in the average selling price is helping drive the market, though this has checked value growth, which is expected to be just over 37% this year. The stable economy and growing consumer confidence will also keep sales growth high. Although the number of active players on the Russian plasma market decreased in 2003, the top vendors found their market share eaten into by competition. For instance, in 2002, the top four vendors controlled 75.6% of the market, in 2003 this figure dropped to approximately 60%. Nevertheless, things were tight last year, with the top ten vendors accounting for more than 90% of shipment volume.