Router market in Europe, Middle East, Africa declined 2.5% in Q3 2004

Q3 results from IDC show that the overall router market in EMEA declined by 2.5% to $931.9 mln in Q3 2004, compared to $956 mln in Q2 2004. The decline was fueled by revenue declines in the midrange and SOHO segments. Revenues in the high-end segment, which is the largest router segment, were up strongly by 10.5% to $335.7 mln in Q3 2004. In Q3 2004, Juniper was again able to take market share away from Cisco in this segment. The second largest segment, small SOHO, which includes wireless routers, continued to be negatively impacted by severe price competition. The mainly residential router segment declined slightly, at 3%, from $273.6 mln in Q2 2004 to $265.4 mln in Q3 2004.

Cisco’s revenue continued to be under pressure in Q3 2004, declining by 3.4% in the period Q2 2004?Q3 2004. The decline in Q3 2004 was less than in the previous period, Q1?Q2 2004, when Cisco’s revenue declined by 9%. The decline was primarily fueled by a strong decline in Cisco’s midrange and SOHO router sales. As a result Cisco’s total router market share declined slightly from 59.5% in Q2 2004 to 58.5% in Q3 2004. Overall, Cisco (excluding Linksys) remained the leading router vendor in EMEA in Q3 2004. Other major vendors in the EMEA router market in Q3 2004 were Juniper, Zyxel, Siemens, and Netgear.