RFID consulting market grew 47% in 2004

Encompassing a wide range of applications ? from helping to protect the U.S. drug distribution network from counterfeiters to ensuring child safety ? perhaps no other autoidentification concept has gained as much attention in 2004 as the topic of radio frequency identification (RFID). And with major companies planning to increase the deployment and integration of RFID systems in retail stores and warehouses in the years ahead, the market for related consulting, implementation, and managed services is expected to grow by 47% in 2004 and reach $2 bln worldwide by 2008, according to IDC.

RFID and wireless autosensing solutions have evolved into a legitimate consulting, implementation, and managed services opportunity for many of the world?s most well-respected services organizations. Approximately 66% of enterprise organizations considering an RFID solution in 2004 reported they would prefer to use external resources when implementing such projects. Services firms are increasing levels of investment in personnel, marketing and partnerships for RFID in anticipation of increasing demand for services through 2008. While each of the 15 RFID services vendors profiled in this report have special qualities and unique capabilities, IDC has identified two leaders having the greatest potential for future marketshare gains