Residential VOIP shipments up 30% in Q3 2005, up 24% in Q4 2005 in Taiwan

Taiwanese IP phone shipment volume for the enterprise market will hit about 850,000 units and one mln units in Q3 and Q4 2005 respectively, marking roughly 20% sequential growth in each quarter, according to Market Intelligence Center (MIC), an ICT industry research institute based in Taipei. Enterprise IP Gateway shipment volume is forecasted to amount to approximately 115,000 and 145,000 in Q3-Q4 2005, sequential growth of about 20% and 25% respectively.

Enterprise IP phone shipment volume is on the rise again after experiencing a large sequential fall of 24.6% in Q1 2005. In Q2 2005 shipment volume reached approximately 700,000 units, sequential growth of 8.3% and year-on-year growth of 23.8%. This revival in shipment volume was caused by rebounding demand in the three main markets, including North America, Western Europe and Japan. Major brands operating in these regions therefore increased their orders with Taiwanese makers. Enterprise IP Gateway shipment value has seen uninterrupted, steady growth since the beginning of 2004, with quarterly sequential growth figures hovering around 20% ever since the Q4 2004.

Taiwanese residential VoIP equipment shipment volume is also expected to experience considerable growth in Q3-Q4 2005, with sequential increases of roughly 30% and 24% respectively, reaching about 4.5 mln and 5.6 mln units. Residential VoIP equipment shipment volume experienced a similar sequential dip as enterprise IP phone shipment volume in the Q1 2005, which was due to high inventory levels at that moment in time. In Q2 2005 shipment volume went up again, reaching about 3.5 mln units, 33.4% sequential growth and 230.1% year-on-year growth. This renewed sequential growth was stimulated by increasing demand for IADs from Europe, by the fact that regular cable modems were starting to be replaced by VoIP cable modems, especially in North America where large television companies are pushing VoIP services, and by a surging demand for wireless VoIP products.