RealNetworks has 1 mln online music subscribers

RealNetworks managed to convince 1 mln customers to pay for its digital music subscriptions. This includes RealRhapsody – a subscription to the music catalog, and Real’s online commercial-free radio service. Real’s CEO is quoted to say that the number includes Comcast customers, but it’s not clear whether Comcast customers who get Real Rhapsody for free are included. JupiterResearch expects music-subscription services to surpass buy-to-own music stores by 2009, when revenues are expected to be $900 mln and $800 mln, respectively. By 2009, music downloaded from the Internet, either through individual purchases or subscription, are expected to account for 12% of the $13.5 bln consumers are projected to spend on music. In 2003, music downloads accounted for 1% of the $12 bln spent on music.