Readers of newspaper business section are 57.7% male, 48% with college education

In the 87 metro markets with total population of 137 mln surveyed by The Media Audit, 26.2% or 36 mln adults regularly read a daily newspaper business news section. The 87 markets have a population of more than 137 mln. As far as readers of the business sections of the newspapers, 57.7% are male, more than 54% have annual household incomes of $50,000 or more, 35.1% have annual incomes of $75,000 or more, 22.4% have $100,000 or more, 9.7% earned $150,000 or more. 48% of business news section readers have one or more degrees compared to 35.2% of all adults, 58% of regular business news section readers are between 18 and 54.