Profile of US home PC owner

US homes are embracing notebook computers, with nearly 52 mln as the home’s primary computers, according to MetaFacts. These 51.8 mln notebooks are 30.2% of US primary home computers. Not all brands are equal when it comes to mobilizing their customers. In Apple households, over half (52%) of the personal computers are notebooks. In HP/Compaq households, just under one in six (16.1%) are notebook computers, while 46.1% of Dell PCs at home are notebooks. Dell continues to lead in sheer numbers with just over 24 mln Dell notebooks in US households, a 46.1% share of the home notebook PC market. Newer computer models are now in almost half of homes, with 49.3% purchased since 2004. More than two-thirds of Apple and half of Dell and HP/Compaq primary home computers are less than 2.5 years old. Among other findings in the Home PC Brand Profile Report are age and gender of home PC users. Nearly half (46%) of Apple’s base is age 55 and older, almost double the share of average home PC users (25.2%).