Product placement is a $3.36 bln industry

Global paid product placement grew 37.2% to $3.36 bln in 2006 and is forecast to grow 30.3% to $4.38 bln in 2007, PQ Media says. TV placements remain the dominant choice of brand marketers, accounting for 71.4% of global spending in 2006 at $2.40 bln, with projected growth of 33.9% in 2007. Film placements comprised 26.4%, or $885.1 mln, of global spending in 2006 with forecasted growth of 20.5% in 2007, driven by more cross-promotional packages linking movie placements to ad spots, websites and point-of-purchase displays, as well as virtual embedding for local targeting. While placements in other media account for only 2% of total spending, growth will exceed 30% over the next several years due to increased demand for videogame and online placements aimed at the elusive 18- to 34-year-old demographic. The Americas will remain the largest and fastest-growing region for paid product placement in 2007, with projected spending of $3.79 bln and growth of 31.2%, followed by Asia and Europe. The United States will remain the world?s largest market for product placement in 2007 with spending of $2.90 bln, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Japan. China will be the world?s fastest-growing product placement market in 2007 with spending growth of 34.5%, trailed by the US, Italy, India and Canada.