Popular holiday tech product searches

November saw mlns of consumers research their holiday season purchases, and several technology product searches proved particularly popular. More than 30 mln US searches were conducted for Nintendo Wii, while Apple iPod (24.8 mln) and Xbox 360 (11 mln) also generated heavy search activity. Interestingly, Sony PlayStation 2 generated more searches (9.7 mln) than the more recently introduced PlayStation 3 (7.6 mln), a sign that consumers are bargain-hunting in 2007 and seeking out more affordable gift options.

Popular tech product searches
Search term Searches
Nintendo Wii 30,455
Apple iPod 24,777
Xbox 360 10,985
Playstation 2 9,658
Playstation 3 7,566
Nintendo DS Lite 6,586
Apple iPhone 6,002
Apple iPod Nano 4,231
Garmin GPS 3,032
Apple iPod Touch 2,880
Playstation PSP 2,010
TomTom GPS 1,291
Magellan GPS 664
Nokia N95 390
Nokia N81 66
Amazon Kindle 61
Source: comScore