Plasma TV, cameraphones “hot” among consumers

The Big Research January survey polled over 9,500 consumers. Of those, 84% said they considered plasma televisions ‘hot’ in 2004, while 80% said the same about picture cell phones. In the same sample, shopping at discount stores was also seen as ‘hot’ by 80% of respondents, while 67% said so about shopping at dollar stores. Of those surveyed who labeled plasma televisions and picture cell phones as ‘hot,’ 28% shop most often for electronics at Best Buy and 23% do so at WalMart. Circuit City ranked third among those buyers at 10%.

Low carbohydrate diets were another ‘hot’ item among consumers; 72% of consumers thought so, while 28% disagreed. But the recent trend toward brightly colored merchandise appears to be waning. Brightly colored apparel was seen as ‘hot’ by 53% of those surveyed; 47% disagreed. Brightly colored housewares had 49% of the votes for ‘hot’ while 51% said no.

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