Plasma TV and LCD TV sales projections

lasma TVs gained 50% in global sales since 2002; LCDs, however, registered a whopping 110% jump. And while LCDs are smaller and more expensive than plasma TVs, analysts tip LCDs to eventually win the battle of the big screens. Projections for growth in LCD TV sales are even more impressive: This year, worldwide sales are expected to reach four million units. That number will balloon to 46 million units by 2007, according to forecasts by market research firm IDC. According to IDC, the average cost of an LCD TV with a screen size of 30 to 39 inches is US$4,800, about 10 times that of an average CRT TV. In four years, the price is expected to be US$1,050. Despite these high prices, LCD TVs are grabbing market share and Sharp Corp. is emerging in top spot. In the second quarter, global LCD TV shipments jumped 162%, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

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