Plasma display panels market in Q4 2006

Matsushita Electric maintained its leadership position in Plasma Display Panel (PDP) production in Q4 2006, accounting for 37.3% of global unit shipments due to the strength of its Panasonic brand, according to iSuppli. South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics managed to end the Q4 2006 still in the #2 position with 24.2% of PDP unit shipments. Samsung SDI, also of South Korea, concluded the quarter with 21.1% of the market. Coming in fourth was Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma (FHP) with a 10.7% share, while Pioneer rounded out the Top-5 PDP supplier rankings with 6.8%.

Plasma market in Q4 2006
Vendor Share
Matsushita 37.3%
LG Electronics 24.2%
Samsung SDI 21.1%
FHP 10.7%
Pioneer 6.8%
Source: iSuppli