Plans for 2008 holiday shopping season

Percent of Respondents
General Shopping
Buying fewer gifts 47 %
Buying less expensive gifts 46 %
Using coupons I receive from my newspaper or via mail 37 %
Spending more time searching for deals in stores 32 %
Shopping early in the season to take advantage of sales and or discounts 22 %
Shopping later in the season to take advantage of price reductions 19 %
Online Shopping
Shopping online to take advantage of free shipping, no tax, etc. 39 %
Spending more time researching deals online 37 %
Using online coupons or coupons I receive via email 31 %
Using comparison shopping engines to find the best deals 25 %
Shop online auction sites 21 %
Shop online classifieds 8 %
Using deal of the day sites 8 %
Source: comScore