PC shipments up 15.3% in 2005, Dell global market leader with 16.8%

Global shipments of PCs rose 15.3% in 2005. Worldwide PC sales rose to 218.5 mln units in 2005 from 189.5 mln in 2004, according to Gartner. Shipments in Europe, Middle East and Africa grew 17.1% to 72.7 mln units, overtaking the United States which grew 7.5% to 67 mln. In 2004, the United States still slightly exceeded Europe, both regions taking about 62 mln units. The fastest growth in 2005 was in Asia Pacific and Latin America where units sales increased 26% to 42.8 mln and 14.7 mln respectively. Dell continued to grow more than the industry average, as its worldwide PC shipments grew 18.6% in 2005. Its global market share ended at 16.8%, up from 16.4%.