PC market up 9.1% in Japan in 2005

The Japan PC market expanded in 2005 with shipments increasing by 9.1% YTY, according to IDC. The demand for home PCs recovered in 2005, following the strong demand for consumer electronics caused by the Olympics in 2004. The home PC market had its first positive growth after four consecutive negative years with shipments of 5.6 mln units, increasing by 13.6%. The growth in 2005 was also the result of increased shipments by major PC vendors, which started selling “spring models” in December 2005 instead of January 2006. The business PC market declined from double-digit growth in two consecutive years to 6.3%. In the large companies, many PC replacements were completed in Q1 2005, and the demand for PCs for securities under the Information Protection Law also slowed in the second half of 2005.