PC market up 41.3% in Turkey in 2004

The market for personal computers in Turkey was again healthy in 2004. According to IDC, unit shipments were up 41.3% and revenue was up 47.1% over 2003. Although growth will not be as fast as in the last few years, IDC expects the Turkish PC market to stay strong, with unit shipments expanding by 29.1% in 2005 and by 23.5% in 2006.

Revenue growth exceeded shipment growth in Turkey last year due to the surging popularity of notebooks and a slight shift to higher-end desktops. According to IDC, while desktop shipments rose 37.7% in 2004, notebook shipments rose 57.2%. As a result, the latter form factor accounted for 23.2% of volume and just under 35% of revenue. Nevertheless, desktops were still the dominant form factor at 74.8% of shipment volume and 55.3% of revenue. And while x86 servers represented only a fraction of shipments (2.4%), their higher prices meant they amounted to nearly 10% of revenue in Turkey in 2004.