PC market to grow 14.1% to 204.6 mln PCs shipped in 2005

The persistent strong demand in international markets that boosted Q2 2005 growth in the worldwide PC market has also raised expectations for the second half of 2005. According to IDC, total PC shipments in the second half of 2005 are now expected to reach nearly 110 mln, with growth of 12.9% versus a May 2005 target of 107.2 mln and growth of 10.4%. The biggest drivers in the second half are likely to be the consumer segments in Western Europe and Rest Of World (including Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Canada) with an important contribution from portable PCs. Consumer markets in other regions as well as the commercial segment will also contribute.

With the strong second half of 2005, total shipments for 2005 are expected to reach 204.6 mln on growth of 14.1% – slightly below 15.3% growth in 2004, but up from a May 2005 projection of 11.4%. Total shipment value is expected to rise only 5.8% to $211.6 bln for all of 2005. For 2006-2008 shipments are expected to grow by roughly 9% before slowing to 8.3% in 2009. Growth of shipment value is also expected to slow, although it should remain positive throughout the forecast.