PC manufacturers will increase ad spending by 11.7% in 2006

Schonfeld & Associates released its data on 2006 advertising spending by industry. Large, diversified food companies, expected to spend $28.3 bln in 2006, up 8.1% in ad growth. The pharmaceutical industry will increase spending over 10% in 2006 and exceed $21 bln. The industries of biotech and electromedical apparatus show a growth in advertising spending of over 10%. Advertising growth by telecommunication service companies will be 5.9% in 2006 with estimated spending of over $22.2 bln worldwide. Ad spending for wireless communications services will grow by 9.1% to $12.8 bln. Cable and satellite TV services will spend $2.4 bln in 2006 for advertising, up 15.9%.

PC manufacturers will increase ad spending by 11.7% while advertising for software will rise only 2.1%. Advertising for semiconductors will be up over 14% in 2006, and spending by computer communication equipment manufacturers will increase by over 9%. Retail department stores will spend $4.4 bln in 2006, up slightly from 2005. Variety stores will increase their ad budgets 5.9% for a total of $4.1 bln. Advertising by direct mail catalog houses will increase to $1.3 bln. The automotive industry is expected to be the top spending industry with an outlay of $33.5 bln, a 7.6% increase.