PC chipsets to generate $6.9 bln in 2005, $10.3 bln in 2009

In-Stat is forecasting strong growth in the PC core-logic chipset market from $6.9 bln in 2005 to $10.3 bln in 2009. During this period, continued growth in PCs demand combined with new standards will create a very dynamic market for new chipset designs, the high-tech market research firm says. The challenge for PC chipset vendors is to meet the growing performance requirements and integrate as many features as economically possible.

The chipset ecosystem supporting AMD processors is growing, while the chipset ecosystem supporting Intel processors is shrinking due to Intel’s drive to “platformization”. Although less than 20% of x86 processors have an integrated memory today, In-Stat forecasts that roughly 70% will have integrated memory controllers in 2009, a trend similar to the embedded processing. PCs will shift from traditional AGP and PCI interfaces to PCI-Express, accounting for over 84% of all graphics interfaces and 98% of all peripheral interfaces in 2009. As processors increase in the number of cores and the amount of memory, core-logic chipsets will continue to integrate more external logic for I/O and other features.