Only 11% of airline customers are in favor of cell phone ban lift

The FCC has recently proposed lifting the ban on cell phone usage during airplane flights. While the passage of this proposal appears to offer solutions to the wireless industry, it has spawned disapproval among some consumer groups as the potential for in-flight usage would create disturbances to passengers. IDC investigated the results of a recent worldwide survey asking respondents for information on their preferences surrounding the use of mobile phones on airplanes. Only 11% of 50,000 respondents indicated that they are in favor of cell phone use for voice calls on planes, whether in unlimited or designated calling areas. However, 64% of respondents approved of passengers using their mobile phones in-flight for activities other than voice calls. The removal of the in-flight ban on mobile phone use would potentially stimulate the market by providing new opportunities for wireless carriers and airlines to brand and market mobile commerce, drive increased data usage and ARPU, spur development of new channels, and spike demand for data-enabled phones and smart phones.