Online Yellow Pages shares: Yahoo! – 23.9%, Verizon – 20.1%

68 mln of US Internet users performed an yellow pages search online in July 2006. This represents a 46% increase versus year ago. When analyzing the total share of yellow pages searches, which by their nature have local intent, comScore’s data reveals that Yahoo! Sites and Verizon SuperPages garnered the largest share, with 23.9% and 20.1%, respectively. Google Sites ranked third in IYP searches, capturing 12.5%, followed by with 12.0%.

US Yellow Pages searches in July 2006
Site Share
Yahoo! Sites 23.9%
Verizon SuperPages 20.1%
Google Sites 12.5% 12.0%
Time Warner Network 7.7% 5.9%
InfoSpace Network 5.1% 4.1%
Source: comScore