On the opening day of FIFA World Cup 5 mln unique visitors went to FIFAWorldCup.com

June 12, 2006 proved to be one of the strongest days for the official FIFA World Cup site, hosted by Yahoo! at fifaworldcup.yahoo.com. More than 226 mln pages were viewed during the day by more than 5 mln unique visitors, comScore reports. The peak day for video streaming on the official site was Thursday, June 15, with more than 610,000 streams delivered. This compares to 425,000 video streams on June 12, and 400,000 video streams on the opening day of the tournament. On average during the second week, 169 mln pages were viewed by 4.2 mln worldwide visitors and 523,000 videos were streamed each day at the Yahoo! FIFA World Cup site.