Offering more payment types increases sales by 20%

According to CyberSource, merchants can convert as many as 20% more customers by offering them more payment types to choose from. Those merchants offering one payment type, such as general purpose credit cards, for example, convert 60% of their shoppers. Those offering four types, e.g., credit cards, gift certificates, eChecks, PayPal, etc., convert 72% of their shoppers – a 20% increase. Currently, 18% of North American online merchants offer one payment type, another 35% offer two. Only 20% offer four or more. According to the survey, 38% say they plan to investigate or offer a new payment method in the next 12 months. Methods they plan to implement first are: electronic checks (31%), PayPal or other non-card payments (26%), private label cards (19%), gift certificates (14%), instant credit (13%), and recurring billing (7%).