Number of software vendors offering subscriptions is down in 2006

In the 2005/2006 survey 40% of software vendors had begun delivering subscription-pricing to their customers, while in 2006’s survey only 32% were offering subscription models. Despite the setback in adoption, however, the vendors surveyed remain optimistic about the new pricing model, with 49% of survey respondents expecting subscription software to be their primary offering by 2008. Electronic/digital enforcement of licenses is gaining popularity among software vendors, with usage increasing eight% and expected to rise another 10% by 2008. 75% of the enterprises surveyed expressed high levels of confidence in total software license compliance, an increase of 32% from 2005’s results. 58% of enterprise customers strongly prefer the concurrent user license model; in contrast, software vendors indicated that the seat (per machine/per user) license model remains most prevalent, SoftSummit reports.