Number of digital images taken by digital camera users to increase at 35% a year

IDC expects positive growth in the consumer photofinishing market. Even though film usage will decline, the bright future of digital camera shipments will increase the number of images captured, shared and received. Digital camera images captured, shared and received worldwide will grow an average of 35% for 2003-2008. Digital cameras will continue to be the largest generator of digital images despite the greater forecasted proliferation of camera phones. Prints from digital images will surpass film prints in 2006 and will account for 71% of total worldwide prints by 2008.

From a regional perspective, the US hegemony on print revenue will stay constant. Image printing has been largely a US-based phenomenon for most of the digital capture device market lifespan. IDC expects the US share to hover at 35% over the forecast period, again, largely due to US consumer’s comfort level with desktop PC use. The Rest of World region (including Asia/Pacific) will increase its share of global revenue the most to 26% in 2008, while Japan’s share will decline to 10% in 2008, and Western Europe will remain close to 30%.