Notebook sales up 24% in 2007 back-to-school season

Notebook sales for the first five weeks of the 2007 back-to-school season were up 24% in units and 11% in dollars, while the average selling price (ASP) was down 10%. During the same time period in 2006, notebook sales were experiencing a 48% increase in units and a 15% increase in dollars with the ASP down 22%. Desktop sales, similar to trends seen all year, were down 23% in units and 16% in dollars in 2007. ASP was up 8%. Notebook PC promotions were up only 12% for the first five weeks of the 2007 season compared to the 37% increase seen in 2006, according to Fusion data. Promotional activity for both notebooks and desktops only increased 5% in 2007 compared to the 30% increase seen for total PCs in 2006. Consumers may have also encountered fewer notebooks and desktops on the shelves as they started their back-to-school shopping. During the first five weeks of the 2007 back-to-school season, notebook shelf space increased 7% over 2006, but that’s down significantly from 2006 where shelf space had increased 44% over 2005. Total PC shelf space increased only 2% in 2007 compared to 32% in 2006.