Networked storage market generated $2.1 bln in Q2 2004

IDC said the worldwide networked storage market generated $2.1 bln for Q2 2004, the second highest quarter ever. Networked storage revenue was $2.15 bln in Q4 2003, before slipping to $1.98 bln in Q1 of this year. Networked storage (NAS and SAN) revenue increased 17.9% from last year, compared to 8% growth for external disk storage and 5% for total disk storage. SAN revenue rose 18.6% to $1.7 bln, and six of the top seven SAN vendors recorded double-digit growth. NAS revenue grew 15.2%. In total networked storage revenue, EMC led the way, with $595 mln for 28.3% market share. This represents 26.1% YTY growth and a market share increase from 25.1%, according to IDC. HP networked storage revenue grew 9% to $470 mln YTY, but its market share fell from 24.2% to 22.4%. HP NAS revenue climbed 64.2% and its market share jumped from 4% to 5.7%.