NAND market in 2005: Samsung – 52.9%, Toshiba – 21.9%, Hynix – 12.7%

Hynix posted NAND flash memory revenue of $1.38 bln 2004, up from $221 mln in 2004, according to iSuppli. Toshiba secured the number two spot with revenue of $2.38 bln, giving it a market share of 21.9%, above Hynix’s 12.7%. iSuppli said Micron Technology had the fastest growth of all NAND flash memory suppliers in 2005 with its sales rising to $238 mln for the year, up from $8 mln in 2004. Samsung continued to dominate the NAND flash memory market with revenue of $5.74 bln in 2005 and a global market share of 52.9%, although its share fell from 58.7% in 2004. iSuppli predicts that NAND market will continue to expand 2005, with global sales rising to $16.8 bln, up 55% from 2005.