Music market shares: Universal – 25.5%, Sony BMG – 21.5%, EMI – 13.4%, Warner Music – 11.3%

55% of the music sold in 2004 was bought by people older than 30 compared with 48% in 1999, according to the International Federation for the Phonographic Industry. Universal Music had 25.5% of the market, Sony BMG was second with 21.5%, EMI was third with 13.4%, Warner Music has 11.3%. Universal grabbed a big chunk of North American market share from its three main rivals, jumping to 32.5% from 27.9% while Sony BMG’s share slipped to 24.9% from 27.6%. By genre, Americans are buying more country music and less pop than they did five years ago, the IFPI found, while Britons are buying more rock and rap and less dance music. Germans are also buying more rock at the expense of pop and dance.