Movie and video revenues up 6% in 2003

Revenues for movie and video companies surged 6% to $64 bln in 2003, from $60 bln in 2002, the Census Bureau reported. Combined revenues for US motion picture and sound recording industries reached $78 bln in 2003, a gain of 5% from 2002. Motion picture and video production and distribution revenues increased 7% to $48 bln. Revenue from licensing of domestic motion pictures came in at $12 bln, and revenue from the domestic licensing of TV programs amounted to $11 bln. Movie theater revenues increased to $12 bln, a jump of 6%. Feature film exhibition of domestic films accounted for 68% of the 2003 estimate, at $8 bln; while food and beverage sales made up 28% of the 2003 estimate, at $3 bln. Record production and distribution revenues remained at $10 bln.