Most streamed Internet songs in 2007

Nielsen SoundScan published a list of top songs streamed on the Internet in 2007.

Most streamed songs in the US in 2007
Title/Artist Streams
Irreplaceable/ Irreemplazable/ Beyonce 11,002,278
Before He Cheats/ Carrie Underwood 10,554,700
Buy U A Drank/ T-Pain feat Yung Joc 9,955,555
What Goes Around..Comes Around/ Justin Timberlake 9,369,781
Wait for You/ Elliott Yamin 9,105,982
Makes Me Wonder/ Maroon 5 9,096,993
Girlfriend/ Avril Lavigne 8,945,400
Hey There Delilah/ Plain White T’s 8,917,887
It’s Not Over/ Daughtry 8,827,093
Runaway Love/ Ludacris feat Mary J. Blige 8,672,380
Source: Nielsen SoundScan