Most popular Web sites among Republicans and Democrats

Nielsen//netRatings announced that 36.6% of US adults online are Republicans, 30.8% are Democrats and 17.3% are Independents. The Web site with the highest concentration of Republicans was, with an 84.8% Republican audience. and Bill O’ ranked #2 and 3, with audiences that were 65.4% Republican. Among Democrats, the top three sites were, AOL BlackVoices and with audiences that were 79.9%, 64.8% and 58.6% Democratic, respectively. has predominantly Republican readers, at 40.2%. Democrats make up 25.8% of’s readership, closely followed by Independents at 24.3%. The New York Times online is a favorite among Democrats, who make up 52.3% of its readership. Independents compose 22.6% and Republicans 18.3%.

Top sites by political affiliation
Republican Democrat AOL BlackVoices
Bill O’
Drudge Report
Salt Lake Tribune Village Voice
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings