Most popular Presidential Web sites in September 2007

Hitwise announced that Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s website was the most visited website among all presidential candidates for the week ending September 8, 2007. received 34% of US visits amongst all the presidential candidate websites for that week. Barack Obama’s website received 13.49% of US visits for last week, the second most visits among all candidates. Following Obama’s website was Republican candidate Ron Paul’s website, which received 12.88% of visits. Visitors to Fred Thompson’s site were primarily Male (65.56%) and older (40.28% being 55 or older) during the four weeks ending September 8, 2007. Of all traffic to, 10.86% of it came from Tennessee online users.

Top political Web sites in September 2007

Candidate Web site Share
Fred Thompson 34.73%
Barack Obama 13.49%
Ron Paul 12.88%
Hillary Clinton 10.38%
John Edwards 6.52%
Source: HitWise