Most popular online wedding registries: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel

Survey by Feedback Research (a division of Claria) indicate that of those who viewed wedding sites and purchased a wedding gift in the past 12 months, 34% purchased the gift online. garnered the most category shoppers to their gift registry with 39.6% of total traffic to gift registries, followed by with 25.6% and with 13.9%. In terms of most repeat viewers, the gift registry of came out on top with the average viewer coming back 4.1 times during the research period, followed by with 3.6 times and with 3.1 times.

The 2005 wedding season seems to be a busy one, with 75% of respondents indicating they would attend 1 to 3 weddings this year, up +3 pts from 2004. 65% of respondents indicated that they usually purchased gifts for all weddings they are invited to while 30% only purchased gifts for weddings they attend. 60% of respondents who usually purchased wedding gifts typically spent between $26 and $75. 48% of respondents indicated that they would personally purchase a wedding gift in the next 3 months. Of those, 43% were planning to purchase their next gift online and 83% were planning to purchase a gift listed on the bride and groom’s gift registry.