Most popular online music destinations: WinXM, iTunes, LimeWire

According to NPD Group, Apple iTunes store tied with LimeWire as the second-most-popular digital music service in March 2005. Both iTunes and LimeWire were used by 1.7 mln households. The most popular digital music service that month was WinMX, which was used by 2.1 mln households to download music. Paid a-la-carte music offerings from Napster and Real Networks also placed in the top ten, alongside other P2P services like iMesh and Kazaa. In total, 4% of Internet-enabled households in the United States used a paid music download store in March, 2005. A large number of these consumers were over 30 years of age (reporting an average age of 33 years and an average household income of $83,000).

  1. WinMX (2.1 million)
  2. iTunes (1.7 million)
  3. LimeWire (1.7 million)
  4. Kazaa
  5. BearShare
  6. Ares Galaxy
  7. Napster
  8. Morpheus
  9. Real Player Store
  10. iMesh