Mobile phone usage stats by women

89% of female wireless phone subscribers say their wireless phone is a time-saver and more than 50% make at least half of their calls from their wireless phone, Sprint Wireless found. Women are more likely to want their phone within reach 24 hours a day (37% to 30%). 70% of woman indicate they text message with family members, and 61% indicate they take pictures of their family with a camera phone.

Women are also more interested in ring tones than men (54% compared to 42%) and are more likely to use ring tones to personalize their phone (81% compared to 75%). More than two-thirds of women say they choose to personalize items because it’s fun, and 45% do so to differentiate their items from others. The wireless phone is the number two item women want to personalize (56%), coming in just after computer screen (68%) and beating out hairstyle (32%). The style of mobile phone overwhelming preferred by women? The flip phone, garnering 72% of responses.