Mobile phone shipments up 23% in Q3 2004

Nokia showed renewed strength and expanded vendor portfolios continued to gain traction with consumers as the worldwide mobile phone market posted a second consecutive quarter of sequential growth in Q3 2004. According to IDCs Worldwide Mobile Phone QView, worldwide mobile phone shipments rose 23% YTY and increased sequentially 7% in Q3 2004 to 164.1 mln units. The third quarter marked the first time that Nokia has achieved greater than 30% market share since the company’s drop during Q1 2004. Although initially faulted for a lack of mid-range handsets, Nokia has responded by reinforcing its portfolio with a number of new mid-range and high-end handsets, including fashion, camera, and enterprise-focused mobile phones and converged mobile devices. As a result, the company finds itself firmly at the top of the market; conversely, the next four spots are more in flux than ever. Only 0.4% separates #2 Motorola and #3 Samsung, while the same amount separates #4 Siemens and #5 LG Electronics. Even LG Electronics is not completely safe, with Sony Ericsson less than 1% behind.

Rank Vendor 3Q 2004 Shipments 3Q 2004 Market Share
1 Nokia 51,400,000 31.3%
2 Motorola 23,300,000 14.2%
3 Samsung 22,700,000 13.8%
4 Siemens 12,500,000 7.6%
5 LG Electronics 11,800,000 7.2%
  Other 42,400,000 25.8%
  Total 164,100,000 100.0%