Mobile games to generate $9.6 bln by 2011

Worldwide mobile gaming end-user revenue will grow from $2.9 bln in 2006 to $9.6 bln in 2011, according to Gartner. Worldwide mobile gaming revenue is on pace to total $4.3 bln in 2007, a 49.9% increase from 2006. Mobile gaming revenue in Asia/Pacific and Japan is forecast to surpass $1.8 bln in 2007, and reach $4.6 bln in 2011. In Western Europe, mobile gaming end user revenue is projected to grow from $1.5 bln in 2007 to $2 bln in 2011. In Gartner’s most recent survey among Western European consumers, 10% of those surveyed said they had used mobile online gaming and had downloaded games at least once a month. However, only 2% of their mobile data service spending was on gaming. In North America, mobile gaming end user revenue is forecast to reach $716.9 mln in 2007 and reach $1.7 bln in 2011.