Web site statistics Overview:

When started in 1994, the entire site was hosted on a
single server that handled about a million hits a day. As the Internet
expanded, more and more groups at Microsoft began adding content to the
Web site. Today, more than 500 writers and developers working in more
than 70 locations around the world provide information for the
Microsoft Web site. Three data centers manage our online traffic.
Within those data centers, 60 servers host general Web content, 11 servers host SQL, 50 servers respond to site searches, 49 servers
handle download requests (along with thousands of global caching
servers), and 10 servers host FTP content.

Here are just a few statistics about our Web site. (Figures are rounded and are not exact.):

Traffic (for December 2003)

  • 125 million unique users per month
  • 4 million unique users per day
  • 999 million page views per month
  • 32.3 million page views per day


  • 110 GB of content
  • 3.2 million files total
    • 1.4 million HTML, ASP, and ASPX files
    • 1.2 million GIF or JPG image files
  • Approximately 690 GB of files available for download (with a monthly growth of 25 GB)
  • Content created around the clock. Approximately 5 GB of new and updated content published daily.
  • More than 1100 databases support an average of 600 concurrent connections during peak business hours


  • Six dedicated gigE uplinks provide a total of 6000 MB uplink capacity.
  • Multiple OC48s provide connectivity to the Internet.
  • Running on HP Proliant ML570 with four PIII-Xeon/700 Mhz
    processors, 4 GB memory, 170 GB content capacity, and 34 GB log
    capacity each.


  • The Web servers (IIS 6.0) run on Windows Server 2003.
  • The search servers receive 149 requests per second and run on a multi-layer architecture that includes SharePoint Server.
  • The database servers run Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

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