MetaFacts: People keep their PCs longer

The average age of both home and workplace personal computers is growing, while the self-employed are replacing their personal computers faster than one year ago.

“Home PC owners have been using their older PCs longer than ever,” said Dan Ness, Principal Analyst with MetaFacts. “Nationwide, just less than half (49%) of U.S. home PCs were bought in the previous two years, where this was over six in ten (61.5%) only two years ago, in 2001. Also, while workplace PCs are still refreshed more often than in the home, this rate is dropping. In 2003 less than six in ten (57.6%) of workplace PCs were bought in the previous two years, where this age represented nearly two-thirds (65%) only two years ago, in 2001.”

MetaFacts further reported that the self-employed have increased their PC buying, with 63.4% of their PCs being two years old or newer, up markedly from 59.8% in 2002. In related MetaFacts Technology User Profile results released today, cellphone buyers are replacing them at a slower rate. Where currently over six in ten (63.9%) cellphones were purchased in the prior two years, this is down from over two-thirds (70.5%) in 2002.

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