Men spend 571 minutes on cell phones, women – 424 minutes monthly

International Communications Research surveyed 1,021 qualified adult wireless user respondents (50% men and 50% women) in May 2005. Men talk 35% more on their wireless phones than women, more than double the 16% lead men held in 2004. Men use an average of 571 minutes a month, compared to an average of 424 wireless minutes a month for women. And if the wireless arena wasn’t enough, men continue to narrow the gap of home phone usage, which has traditionally favored the women. The gap is down from 62% in 2004 to 53% in 2005, but women still talk more then men at home, using 491 minutes each month versus the 321 minutes per month that men use.

When it comes to camera phone usage, women are leading the men. In 2005, 25% of women have a camera-capable cell phone, while only 21% of men do. And 60% of women use their camera feature frequently or occasionally with only 40% of men using as often. 82% of women use their wireless phones to talk to friends and family, versus only 62% of men. Men continue to spend more than twice as much time (35% versus 16%) on their cell phones for business purposes than do women. Convenience still remains the top reason for wireless phone usage among men and women, with 62% indicating they primarily use their wireless phones for convenience purposes. Safety is second at 19%.